Orders of Magnitude

Orders of Magnitude is a completed serial fiction, the prequel to both Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality (HPMOR), and Significant Digits (SD), which was in turn the sequel to HPMOR. It was originally written in a highly non-linear style, separated into various Arcs that spanned millennia. This was advantageous in the beginning, because although I had the characters and overall plot lined out, I wasn’t sure which aspects I wanted to focus on first, so it allowed me to have my cake and eat it, too. However, the “Arc” format began to hamstring things a bit, so I scrapped it. The “official” order is now in roughly Chronological Order, and can be found below.

7 thoughts on “Orders of Magnitude

  1. Thank you for this lovely fanfic fanfic fanfic. The thing I loved most about Sig Digs was the world building, and Orders took that nugget and went all the way into multi-universe building (where does the fanfic fanfic fanfic fanfic go from there?). You covered so many freaking timelines and timeframes, and still managed to tie them together. Well done.

  2. Holy fucking fuck I can’t beleive this fanfic fanfic fanfic just keeps getting better. Just got done and am now rereading again.

  3. I just finished it and… I KNOW it’s a great story, a lot of parts made me cry and cheer, but I still feel that I barely understood what’s about? It would be great if the author put an extra chapter with a summary of what really happened…

  4. That was something. I am not a native English speaker and sometimes it was a hard reading for me, especially the first half. But when the story with Perenell started, it all started to fasten, and the ending is such a Mobius strip with a bit of Evangelion… I felt like it was me who was through the event horizon 😅
    And the words of power and madness… And all other fourth wall hints. Thank you.

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